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A Word A Day English/ general
Wordsmyth English/ general, by String & SOUNDEX
WordNet English/ general
All Words English/ search by any String
Dictionary Reference English/ language multi-purpose site
One Look English/ any String/Phrase, more Links
One Look-Reverse English/ describe concept-get the words
Merriam-Webster English/ by Words/Phrase, more Links
Etymology Dictionary English/ word translation & its sources
Freeality English/ Links to on-line dictionaries English/ multi-dictionary, SOUNDEX, etc
Online Slang Dictionary English/ Slang dictionary
Pseudo Dictionary English/ Slang dictionary
Infoplease English/ dictionary, encyclopedia, etc
Hypertext Webster English/ hypertext dictionary
Your Dictionary English/ general
Webster Roget English/ general
Visual Thesaurus English/ interactive words mapping
Internet Polyglot English/ 20 lang. in write, voice, image
iTools English/ look-up words gate to sources
LEO-English Idioms English/ Idioms & Sayings
The Quatations Page English/ by: keyword, subject, etc
Abbreviations' Search
Acronym Finder English/ general Abbreviations & Initials
Biz / Ed English/ Business Administration
The Free Dictionary English/ general Abbreviations & Initials
Bio Informatics English/ Medicine
Military Words English/ US Military terminology
US Army English/ US Army terminology
Stands4 English/ by Categories, Language, etc

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