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Alpha Dictionary Directory English/ links index to 6,800 languages
Babylon English/ about 70 languages, Wikipedia אנגלית/ about 30 languages Translator English/ text to/from 10 languages
Babel Fish Translator English/ text to/from 10 languages
WebGerman English/ links index, endangered lang.
All Words English/ word or string in 6 languages
The Translator's Home English/ links index by language/subject
YourDictionary .com English/ 75 languages, index by subject
FreeDict English/ 16 languages to/from English
Travlang English/ 35 languages for travelers
Websters Multilingual English/ multi-lingual dictionary
Visual Thesaurus English/ interactive words mapping
Stands4 English/ abbreviations , languages English/ western signs and ideograms
Word2Word English/ as 120 languages links index

Links  - Sites with Multi-Language Dictioanries and/or Dictionaries' Collections

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