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Study the Bible
Bible Study tools English/ search words in 7 languages
Easton's Bible Dictionary English/ words by alphabet or place
Biiible English/ search & translation tools
Words, Terms, Persons searching
Britanica English/ general coverage
S9-Biographical Dictionary English/ biographies
Ask for Kids English/ general coverage for children
FactMonster English/ general coverage for children
Miningco English/ 600 guides on thousand topics
HighBeam-Encyclopedia English/ multi-domains and sources
The History Channel English/ History by topic/date, maps, etc.
InfoPlease English/ general coverage, dictionary
iTools English/ research gate,, multi-source
The Quatations Page English/ quatations by topic/alphabet
LEO-English Idioms English/ idioms & sayings
Encyclopedia Mythica English/ Mythology topics
EpistemeLinks English/ research gate for philosophy
IEP English/ philosophy by topics / alphabet
SEP English/ philosophy by alphabet
DiText-Meta-Encyclopedia English/ philosophy gate to 7 sources
CIA-The fact Book English/ world facts by country & general
The Probert Encyclopaedia English/ multi-topic/domain coverage

Links  - Bible text, Dictionaries, Maps Atlas, Time-line, etc.

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